Mini Bo-Kri ...  (as seen in the first Hunger Games) movie.

Designed by John Bailey


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This little beauty is just perfect for throwers of all ages. It is not a toy, and is capable of accurate throws out to 21 feet and farther if you practice.


As you can see the Mini Bo-Kri is unlike any throwing knife ever made.  I designed the blade of the Mini, (just like the full size Bo-Kri) to give it the maximum cutting surface for slicing and chopping, and still retain the center point requirement of a good throwing knife.


In other words, I wanted a throwing knife that a person could use for other things, besides throwing. That is why you get a FREE leather belt sheath with each one. 


Carry it when you go hunting, boating, camping or wherever you need a strong little knife.


 Now you can hone your throwing skills whenever you have a few minutes and a safe target to throw at. 


 The Mini Bo-Kri is the baby brother to the Custom built Bo-Kri's and the cousin to the, Boker made Tan-Kri that I use in my stage performances and competitions.


The Mini Bo-Kri is:

10 long, made of tuff 420 J2 stainless steel and etched on the blade, "designed by John Bailey and my signature."  The FREE leather sheath comes with a large 3- inch belt loop, and leg strap,


These knives are the best starting knives in the world.

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Only $ $22.00  Add to CCNow Cart U.S. Customers 





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